About Daggerland

The idea of Daggerland was born many years ago. As a collector of daggers, it annoyed me that there was nothing to store or present a dagger sensibly. Over the years, I’ve seen the wildest original designs with collector friends. Starting with the „dagger bags“ on wine boxes, other objects alienating up to the wrapped daggers in foil.


And in me, the idea grew to create something where a dagger can be stored properly, both in the showcase and in a safe or vault.


It should not be so expensive, so that everyone can „cover it“ with, but the whole thing should look appealing, but the most important thing, the dagger should be protected from the influences of the environment which can be very different.


Almost all the damage that we can detect today on the most diverse daggers, be it the handle, the blade, would not have had to arise through better storage in the past decades.


Because we are not only collectors, but keep in each piece, history to touch. To protect this and to enable the generations after us, is the ambition of Daggerland. The aim of Daggerland is to present at least the most common daggers appropriately and thus to preserve a piece of German history.